Bontoc Woman

Bontoc Woman

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  • The Bontocs are one of the sub-tribes in the Cordillera region.
  • Bontoc comes from two local words, “Bun” and “Tuk” which together mean mountains.
  • The traditional Bontoc Woman wear a skirt wrapped around her waist called “tapis.”
  • Women are tattooed in the arms called “pong-o” and “fa-tek.
  • Weaving is part of their tradition. Their designs are simple and bright.


Size: 16 inches -17 inches

Color: Tan

Hair: Braided

Handcrafted with love by: Jingle

You can now get a doll that comes with a Kid's Full Weave Face Mask. 



Disclaimer: Material used is NOT similar to a surgical mask, this is still only a DIY mask that can be used as a substitute due to the lack of approved personal protective equipment (PPE). And since they're from offcuts, masks will be in assorted colors. 



Different moms work on a single doll design as they are hand crafted, there maybe differences in photo and actual product. These photos serve as guides and should not be regarded as absolutely accurate.