Baby Baro't Saya

Baby Baro't Saya

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  • The Baro't Saya is a traditional Filipino wear for women. With the influence of the Spanish colonization into the wear, it was later on branded as Maria Clara from the famous character in the novel Noli Me Tangere by national hero, Jose Rizal. 
  • The triangular scarf draped at the back depicting femininity is called  panuelo which comes from the Spanish word "pano." This is the original Spanish piece of the Maria Clara ensemble.  


Size: 12 inches -13 inches

Color: Tan

Hair: Long Black in Ponytail 

Handcrafted with love by: Gelsy


Shipping may take 3-4 weeks due to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) restrictions.

Disclaimer: Different moms work on a single doll design as they are hand crafted, there maybe differences in photo and actual product. These photos serve as guides and should not be regarded as absolutely accurate.