Aeta Female- Baby
Aeta Female- Baby
Aeta Female- Baby
Aeta Female- Baby

Aeta Female- Baby

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  • Aetas were among the first inhabitants in the Philippines. Known as Agta or Ayta, these indigenous people live mostly on the mountainous areas of Luzon. They are also known to have lived in Mt. Pinatubo for a hundred years among other areas.
  • Aetas are very resourceful and can make raincoats out of palm leaves to protect their bodies from weather.
  • Traditionally, Aeta women wear a woven wrap around skirt. Men wear bark cloth strip in between their legs and attached like a g-string around their waist.


Size: 12 inches -13 inches

Color: Tan

Hair: Long Hair

Handcrafted with love by: Jingle

You can now get a doll that comes with ANTHILL's Kid's Full Weave Face Mask. 

Disclaimer: Material used is NOT similar to a surgical mask, this is still only a DIY mask that can be used as a substitute due to the lack of approved personal protective equipment (PPE). And since they're from offcuts, masks will be in assorted colors. 

Different moms work on a single doll design as they are hand crafted, there maybe differences in photo and actual product. These photos serve as guides and should not be regarded as absolutely accurate.