Cebu Best Puso Doll (Female)

Cebu Best Puso Doll (Female)

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Come to Cebu and you’ll see food stalls and restaurants with hanging rice. This is the Puso. The rice is placed and cooked inside the woven palm leaves and is afterwards dipped into boiling water until it gets cooked.

There are different weaving designs of puso . It is believed that each represented our ancestor’s offering to their Gods.

Puso is best paired with other famous Cebu food like Lechon Baboy and Ngohiong.



Size: 12 inches -13 inches

Color: Fair

Hair: Black

Handcrafted with love by: Elaine


Shipping may take 3-4 weeks due to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) restrictions. 

Disclaimer: Different moms work on a single doll design as they are hand crafted, there maybe differences in photo and actual product. These photos serve as guides and should not be regarded as absolutely accurate.